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Every year some of Devon and Cornwall's sixth form students are involved in collisions. In 2015 1,732 people lost their lives on Britain's roads and a staggering 22,137 were seriously injured (Source:Reported road casualties in Great Britain 2015). So many of these incidents could have been prevented...

The power of Learn2Live comes from the fact that the stories we tell are real and are told by the very individuals who have been personally affected. It is important to remember that these are just a very small sample - these tragic events are happening every day.

Whilst no graphic imagery is shown during the films, some viewers may find the content upsetting.

Learn2Live is supported by the Road User Support Service (RUSS) to ensure that there is professional emotional support on hand for our audience members at the main Learn2Live events. RUSS is a unique organisation based in the South West that helps people who are dealing with emotional problems and trauma following a road traffic incident.

Anyone who has been affected by a road traffic incident can find more information about RUSS.


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