What does the information tell us?

Each point on the map shows a crash that Police have attended and reported on. At least one person has been injured for the crash to feature on the map and therefore there are many collisions that are not be shown here because non-injury collisions, unreported collisions and collisions that take place on private land will not be shown - clearly there are lots of crashes involving young people every year.


Many people think that high speed motorways are the most dangerous roads to drive along - in actual fact they are some of the safest as all traffic is travelling in the same direction and you can generally see far into the distance. Rural roads are actually where the highest level of severe collisions take place. Living in Devon you will be very aware that we have a lot of country lanes and rural roads - therefore we need to take extra care to keep safe when travelling on these routes.

Contributory Factors

When a crash is investigated by the Police they record likely factors that will have contributed to the collision. If you look a the 'Contributory Factors Among the Collisions' infographic you can very quickly get an idea of why young drivers are getting involved in these collisions. These factors typically include inexperience, fatigue, speed and distractions the topics we cover in our Learn2Live events.