The Learn2Live partnership were immensely proud to welcome a new speaker to the team, and were humbled by the courage displayed when Danielle shared her heart-wrenching story with sixth form students at South Devon College.

Danielle Adams echoed her mum's bravery after she had seen Helen speak several times at previous Learn2Live events. Danielle told her story of how life changed when her sister, Bethany was tragically killed as a front seat passenger in a road traffic collision in 7th January 2012. Danielle showed amazing composure when relaying the story to the audience of sixth form students. She explained a practical coping strategy she had previously used when travelling with a friend; her friend used to look at her mobile phone whilst driving.  Danielle  wrapped her Learn2Live rubber wristband around her friend's phone to remind her  that she should not be looking at it when driving. When her friend saw the wrist band on her phone for the first time she realised how risky her behaviour was. She apologised to Danielle and pledged not to use her phone when driving in the future. During her talk Danielle encouraged other students in the audience to feel empowered and adopt a similar small change to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

Further contact with Danielle and her family can be made by visiting their road safety FaceBook campaign that was set up in memory of Bethany - Stand Against Speed 4 Bethany.