Greg Sumner tells students at Exeter College about how a moment of madness changed his life forever. Last week thousands of Exeter College students listened intently to Greg's story where he described how he was left fighting for his life after a horrendous road traffic collision in which two people lost their lives and a number of families were forever changed. Prior to Greg taking to the microphone on stage students watched a video he put together with the help of Fixers showing the life Greg had before his crash. In his own words Greg admits to have been a bit of lad and would now like to use his experience to educate others about the risks of travelling in vehicles with friends who have been drinking.

At the end of his speech Greg encourages the audience to take responsibility for their own actions and to make their own SAFE PLANS to protect both themselves and their friends and family.

The Learn2Live partnership would like to express their sincere gratitude to Greg for volunteering to speak at their events. Greg would also be grateful if you people would visit his Facebook page where he encourages young people to learn more about the impacts that drink driving can have. 

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