The Learn2Live team are still busy working during this unprecedented time. We are currently exploring options available for us to continue delivery of our vital road safety message. We will be contacting schools and colleges to understand what Learn2Live presentations could look like for the autumn term. Coronavirus (COVID-19) presents challenges for us all at this time and reminds us how our own behaviour has an impact on other people. 

It has been apparent during the lockdown period that careless and inappropriate driving is still placing unnecessary pressure on the emergency services and NHS, as well as impacting those involved, their friends, family and the wider community. We continue to reach out to all young drivers and remind them of the importance of driving safely. As we are encouraged to take our regular exercise and use active travel modes there are a lot more people walking and cycling on the highway. Drivers have a duty to maintain concentration at all times to ensure that these vulnerable road users are kept safe.

The Learn2Live team recently supported National MyRedThumb Day  on 12th May to remind everyone about the importance of avoiding distractions behind the wheel. Many of us have got used to embracing technology more and more – it is vital that we take a break from this when driving and give our full attention to the road in front of us.

Remember to have a Safe Plan of how you are going to keep yourself and others safer of the roads.